Rites fit

Rites Fit is an interactive art exhibition which contains rebuilder worn out fitness machines. These "Ego Machines" train and represent the social attitude of modern man, in times where individual freedom is considered one of the most important values.

Rites Fit tells about our physical efforts to avoid decay
Rites fit are a holistic fitness centre. Through its interactivity it tells us that spirit and body are inextricably linked

1998 - 2002 Rites fit began as a co-operation with the stage designer Christian Clausen. The first part of Rites fit focused on social training of the individual through Rites fitness.

Since the end of 2002 I have worked alone with the project. Besides the social training, the physical exercise starts to focus on spiritual qualities and contact with the nature.

2005-2007 Rites fit - AIR EXERCISES
In AIR EXERCISES the spiritual body exercises continues.
The air represents the spiritual, the invisible and the illusion but also: freedom, heaven, happiness witch are here expressed in different installations of flying training and other air exercise.
Parts of the project has not yet been shown and are still under development